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I’m an Eastern European artist exploring immigration: national and displaced identities, migrant labour, and forms of discrimination. My performances, installations, texts, and non-denominational works have appeared in physical and digital spaces in the UK, Serbia, and internationally, including in Tate Modern (London), Center for Art on Migration Politics (Copenhagen), and in collaboration with Home Live Art (Hastings) and Performing Arts Hub (Norway). My practice frequently involves collaboration with audiences excluded from cultural institutions and works to disrupt normative modes of participation. I am interested in how institutions decide who their local audiences are and what audience agency can mean institutionally. 

I think/write/perform about migration, borders and internationalism as part of Critical Interruptions, a Serbo-Romanian critical cooperative I founded with Diana Damian Martin. Between 2010 and 2019, I collaborated with Dana Olărescu as part of performance company There There. I organise as part of Migrants in Culture, a network working to create the conditions of safety, agency and solidarity in the culture sector for migrants, people of colour and all others impacted by the UK’s immigration regime.

My PhD research at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama investigates performances of Eastern European identities. I am also a Visiting Lecturer in Performance Arts at Central and regularly facilitate workshops for artists, writers, and young people, on topics that span immigration&performance, collaborative writing, and criticism.

I am a 2022 Research Associate at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Derry~Londonderry.

If you prefer your info in bullet points, you can peruse my CV.


To talk to me: bojanna.jankovic [at]

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